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[waɪn ɡʊd nuːz]
Wine good news

Spring in February

Due to temperatures in the 60s, life is returning to the surface in the vineyard.

Bergersfinewine goes to Schwerin

Schwerin is a lovely city in the northern part of Germany right in between Hamburg and Berlin. In the tiny cobblestone streets is a place called FEINSPITZ – owned by Karsten Flatt. 

More spring ...

Each year every other row in between the vines is ploughed and new plant life is being sown.


The Grüner Veltliner in Auberg are ripe, sweet, and if you touch them they easily detach from the stem.

New Visitors

Hail in July

The unpredictable dark clouds are piling up in the sky. Hail is a grave danger to the grapes.


The process of pressing the grapes is crucial. The more gently it is done, the better.

Everything is going alright in the barrels

Most of the fermentation has ended and vines are in barrels (most of the sur lie – we just really like the smoothness this creates).
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